Winter Fun

Skiing and snowboarding are obviously the main attraction during the winter in Venosc and Les 2 Alpes, but they are by no means the only winter activities.


Paragliding is a very popular sport in our valley, and brightly colour paragliders circling the valley and descending towards the village gondola are a regular sight. For those who haven’t tried it, tandem glides are possible with an instructor who manoeuvres the paraglider while the passenger enjoys the ride and fantastic views. No particular skills are required for tandem glides – an early intermediate skier can manage the take-off and landing.
Top tip: go on a sunny, warm day when the thermals will keep your airborne for longer.


One of the nicest ways to get away from it all during winter in the alps, is to go snowshoeing (or “raquettes á neige” in French). Effectively a winter version of hiking, snowshoeing lets you explore our snowy alpine landscape. Good places to explore include Saint Christophe-en-oisans, the next village up the valley from Venosc, and also at Col d’Ornon, where several circuits have been mapped out, and it is also possible to visit cascades of ice.

Col d’Ornon is just a 30 minute drive from Venosc, and also offers a network of cross country or Nordic skiing routes totalling over 20 kilometres.

For organised snowshoeing tours, see Guides 2 Alpes


  • Visit the artisanal shops in Venosc. The village of Venosc is centred around cobbled pedestrian lanes where local artisans display their wares, ranging from wood carvings, leather goods and honey products.
  • Visit the ice grotto on the glacier. The cave has ice carvings in a 200 metre long gallery, 30 metres under the glacier!
  • Take a sightseeing tour from the air! Whitetracks – Helicopter sightseeing, airport transfers and inter-resort transfers